50 shades of champagne is first personal sommeliers  community and web platform in the world its was created in the mission to give to sommeliers  to get most from they ability to sell wines in they personal community of wine lovers and amateurs for that reason we created  our affiliate-loyalty program 50Hearts™ this program is build correctly to give fare conditions between consumers ,personal sommeliers, and wine retails  in this mode price of wine include extra cost that we collect and share this with our clients back so they can   convert them in incredible gifts and bonuses.

So more orders you make with your account more Hearts you get!

every 50 Hearts 1 euro bonus to your account


  • REGULAR-500+10% up

    • NEW-7500+10%up
  • SALE-5000+10%up
  • HOT-10000+10%up
  • PREMIUM -15000+10%up